ReIReS Officially Launched in Bologna

The Horizon 2020 funded project “Research Infrustructure on Religious Studies” (ReIReS) held its kick-off meeting in Bologna, March 7-8, 2018. Participants from 12 European institutions from 7 countries met to discuss the project’s organisation, to learn how they can best collaborate using each other’s competences, as well as to gain insight into the further development of the project.

ReIReS is a starting community whose aim is to create a unique and groundbreaking research infrastructure on religious studies within the European Research Area.

In the vision of the 12 institutions, religion plays a key role in nowadays European Society. Shared knowledge and academic reflection can stimulate a peaceful coexistence and avoid religious illiteracy. Therefore, proper research instruments are of high importance. ReIReS will offer transnational and virtual access to the most significant tools and sources in the field of religious studies. This offer is unique, because it combines data of major European research institutions, thus offering knowledge that is of high importance not only for scholars, but also for decisionmakers. Young scholars will be trained in how to use these tools for their research. Besides, the project will work on impact on the European society as a whole, because it also aims at advancing knowledge and innovation in the understanding of inter-religious society.

The two-day meeting consisted of three elements: the establishment of the decision-making bodies, advisory bodies and executive bodies of ReIReS; the work package presentations; and the technical and administrative issues necessary to execute the project properly.

The consortium consists of the following institutions:

  1. Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII, Italy.
  2. Sofiiski Universitet Sveti Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria.
  3. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.
  4. Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche, Italy.
  5. Universität Hamburg, Germany.
  6. Uniwersytet Warszawski, Poland.
  7. Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany.
  8. École Pratique des Hautes Études, France.
  9. Leibniz-Institut für Europäische Geschichte, Germany.
  10. Brepols Publishers NV, Belgium.
  11. Stichting Refo500, Netherlands.
  12. Theological University of Apeldoorn, Netherlands.

ReIReS started in February 2018 and will continue three years. It has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement No 730895. Horizon 2020 is the European funding programme for research and innovation in Europe.

Image: © Fscire, Bologna.  Representatives of the participating institutions in the courtyard of Fscire, Bologna. Left to right, s.s.t.t.: Roxanne Wyns (KU Leuven), Marcello Verga (CNR), Jan Driesen (Brepols), Anna-Maria Totomanova (Uni Sofia), Claus Arnold (Uni Mainz), Karla Boersma (Refo500), Paul de Jongh (Brepols), Rudy Demo (Fscire), Michal Choptiany (Uni Warsaw), Alberto Melloni (Fscire), Marco Büchler (IEG), Chiara Palladino (IEG), Guiseppe Veltri (Uni Hamburg), Libera Pisano (Uni Hamburg), Mathijs Lamberigts (KU Leuven), Alexandra Nusser (Uni Mainz).

Other Languages

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