Exciting Journey into the Special Collections in the University of Warsaw Library

This week the ReIReS workshop on Management of Special Collections for Research Purposes takes place in Warsaw. The first day of the workshop was dedicated to the special collections in the University of Warsaw Library.

Here is a brief report of one of the participants:

“Yesterday we had an exciting journey inside the special collections in the University of Warsaw Library – we saw the 19th Century Publications Department, Manuscript Department, Old Print Room Department and Ephemera Department (where we look at the poster’s collection).

During the workshops, we analysed the opportunities of cataloguing and digitalising the special collection using already existing tools (like Iconclass). We also worked with the material artefacts looking for the engravings, provenance marks and censor’s corrections in the theological treatises.

The University of Warsaw Library holds the special collection of several hundred books censored by only one Jesuit (which is a unique situation)!



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