Searching for New Possibilities for Translation From Historical Sources Into Digital Media

During the Warsaw workshop October 22-26, the organizers and participants joined the process of charting the interface between those preserving and making available primary sources and those working with these materials. 16 people from all over Europe entered into the dialogue and search for new possibilities for translation from the material historical source into the digital medium and the potential it brings to the scholarly world.

Scholars and librarians associated with various departments of the University of Warsaw Library’s Special Collections, Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw and the National Library of Poland shared their expertise with the interested group. One of the insights for most of the participants was the potentiality which comes from the integration between access to documents, use of material and digital soursea and recources and access to the expertise provided by the scholars of ReIReS.

I’ve learned a lot about various types of sources and possibilities of accessing them, namely databases, which I will certainly use in the future.

The workshop in Warsaw was organized in close connection with another workshop to be held in the last week of November 2018 in Mainz (organizers: IEG Mainz and Brepols).  These workshops are aimed at creating an overview of primary sources available throughout the consortium that pertain to the history of religion, and to map map possible ways of using them in research supported by tailored digital tools.

Visual: Participants with the ReIReS certificate in front of the White Villa of the Faculty of ‘Artes Liberales’, University of Warsaw.

Photos: Laura Bielak.

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