What is Needed for Good Research in the Field of Religious Studies?

One of the answers of ReIReS is: an easily accessible database. Therefore ReIReS is working on a unified database in the field of religious studies. An important next step in the process of developing this database has been taken: the publication of the requirements overview along with the use of case models, online available via this website.

Many of the ReIReS partners played an important role in drafting this document by replying to surveys concerning the datasets they hold and are happy to share via this ReIReS platform, and more recently by providing the work-package leaders with user stories in which they expressed their expectations regarding a future search and discovery platform.

The publication consists of two parts:

Requirements Overview

The structure, interoperability and accessibility of the collections that will be searchable on the data discovery service have been analyzed, and the results served as a stepping-stone for the process and use of case modelling and requirements analysis.

Use Case Models

In order to design such a service it is equally important to understand what researchers hope to gain from having access to a unified database in the field of religious studies. User stories help us structure those expectations into a requirements analysis which will help our technical staff prioritize functionalities throughout the different phases of development.

Rather than dealing with the technical side of developing a search infrastructure for the different collections held by ReIReS partners, this publication focuses on the eventual content that will be included and the functionalities implemented in the search platform by which users will be able to search that content.


Read the publication here. 

Next Steps

In the meantime, WP6 has begun working on the next two projects set for implementation in 2019, the first one dealing with the data model that will structure the collections of all the partners in a standardized way. The second will document the first of three iterations of the ‘Data architecture’.  Based on the requirements analysis our technical staff has already taken their first steps in developing the architecture of the ReIReS discovery platform. This will lead to a first prototype by July, to be tested and evaluated before we start work on the second iteration.

Text: Michiel De Clerck, business consultant LIBIS

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