ReIReS Accepted Applications for Scholarships

The ReIReS Peer Review Committee, responsible for the Transnational Access (TNA) Scholarships, has accepted 27 good or excellent applications that were received after the second call.

Five scholars will have the opportunity to do research at the facilities of EPHE, four at the facilities of Fscire, four at the facilities of JGU Mainz, ten at the facilities of KU Leuven, one at the facilities of the University of Hamburg and three at the facilities of the University of Sofia.

During their stay, the scholars will have access to 14 outstanding European research centres in Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, and Italy to carry out their research project in studies about the history of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and also Ancient and non European Religions. These libraries and archives offer the possibility to have access to their collections of manuscripts, old prints, rare books and archival documents as papers, letters, audio and video collections and digital data, which allow research concerning religious studies and interreligious and interconfessional dialogue throughout history.

The scholars will be informed by the hosting institution directly.

Image: University of Hamburg

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