How to Disseminate Knowledge on Religious Studies

One of the ideas behind ReIReS is, that knowledge on religious studies should be disseminated. Therefore ReIReS is training a new generation of scholars, who in turn will train other scholars.

Earlier this week, various young scholars affiliated with Fscire (Federico Alpi, Irene Larocci, Bruno Chrubini, Federico Ferretti, Gianmarco Braghi, Antonio Gerace, Laura Righi and Massimiliano Proietti) presented the objectives of earlier schools, course and workshops to their colleagues. After that, they explained the topics that were presented, mostly about the collections, digital and paper libraries and tools.

After the presentations, the Fscire scholars in Bologna and Palermo (via video) discussed for a long time how to use or apply the various tools, and how to better address the need of experts in Digital Humanities as a complementary field to all the respective fields.

One of the attendants: “It has been really helpful to think about future training activities at Fscire, and also in forthcoming projects.”

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