Sharing Knowledge in Mainz

Braving the scorching heat of the German summer, a dedicated group of several members of staff of the Leibniz Institute for European Religion in Mainz gathered on Wednesday June 26, 2019, for a session organized by Markus Müller.

This session revolved around the ReIReS training School that Müller attended and which took place in Mainz last year. In his presentation, Müller provided a detailed outline of all the events that were part of this training week and provided a wealth of information about the collections of the participating institutions.

In addition, he shared a number of handouts the participants of this ReIReS training school received and showed us many images of the rare books that were examined. Last but not least, he summarised the most important lessons learned, which are potentially very valuable for the research and teaching activities of those attending this ‘training the trainers’ session. Without a doubt, the highlight of this session was the communal attempt to figure out the meaning of a very funny ‘ex libris’ message that a previous owner recorded in one of his books (see picture).

All in all, this lively and informal session was a stimulating and effective way to further disseminate the knowledge acquired during one of the ReIReS events.

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