Invitation ReIReS Workshop on the Practice of Religious Toleration in Past and Contemporary Europe

Academics as well as members of the general public are warmly invited to attend the ReIReS workshop The Practice of Religious Toleration in Past and Contemporary Europe, which will take place at the Leibniz Institute of European History in Mainz on Thursday September 19 and Friday September 20, 2019.


The workshop focuses on the myriad of ways in which European societies in past and present have dealt and deal with religious differences. European societies have always been religiously plural to some extent. Unprecedented in scale was the religious diversity introduced by the fragmentation of Western Christianity in the sixteenth century. Scholars from various disciplines study the causes and consequences, be they cultural, economic, political, social, or religious, from a variety of perspectives. Moreover, in order to meet the challenges of religious pluralisation in our modern societies, a wide range of non-academic institutions address the issue of religious diversity on a daily basis.

This workshop, then, brings together academics and non-academics to study and discuss the ways in which European societies throughout human history have addressed the phenomenon of religious diversity. It aims to foster the exchange of ideas and link the insights gained from academic research to contemporary experiences of religious diversity and to the policies drafted by (local) authorities in relation to the cultural, legal, and political aspects of religious diversity in our modern societies.

Read more in the workshop outline.


The workshop comprises papers given by academics and non-academics that cover a large number of topics, including Calvinist refugees in the sixteenth century, religious peace in early modern Europe, and religious liberty after the Second Vatican Council.

A schedule can be accessed here [PDF].


Gerald Bönnen (Jewish Museums, Worms), Talat Kamram (Mannheimer Institut für Integration und interreligiöse Arbeit), Christopher Voigt-Goy (IEG), Henning Jürgens (IEG), Christoph Schellekens (IEG), Herman Selderhuis (TUA), Davide Dainese (on behalf of Fscire/University of Bologna), Alessia Passarelli (Fscire), Martin Liepach (Fritz Bauer Institut), Mathijs Lamberigts (KU Leuven), Marcello Verga (CNR-ISEM).


Academics as well as members of the general public are warmly invited to attend this workshop. Since places are limited, registration is necessary. The costs of attending this workshop are €10 (free for ReIReS partners).

For registration, please contact either Anna Aschauer or Jaap Geraerts before Monday, September 2, 2019 via e-mail.


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