Trainees Share their Knowledge and Experiences

Nikè van der Mijden (librarian), Jasper de Kok (MA Student), and Doohyeok Jeong (PhD Student) shared some of the things they learned an some of the experiences they had during a previous ReIReS training with a group of 40 PhD students from the Theological University of Apeldoorn and Driestar Educatief.

Nikè van der Mijden and Jasper de Kok attended the ReIReS School in Mainz in September, 2018. They presented both the Project ReIReS and the databases they had worked with from, e.g., the Martinus Library, the Hymnbook Archive and the Old Jewish Library:  databases that are useful for those working on historical religious studies.

Doohyeok informed attendees about the ReIReS School organized by EPHE in Paris early 2019, where he had learned about Paul Ricoeur, the theology of Islam, and Egyptian research.

Both Jasper and Doohyeok emphasized the importance of having interreligious and interconfessional contacts, as in ReIReS, to stimulate reflection and critical thinking.

ReIReS is disseminating knowledge on historical religious studies in its training programme. The presentations by attendees of the ReIReS trainings are a means for further dissemination of this knowledge.