Online Materials ReIReS School in Paris Now Available for Re-Use

The online materials, used during the recent ReIReS School on the Use and Study of Special documents earlier this year, organized by ReIReS beneficiary EPHE in Paris, are now available for re-use.

The Parisian session focused on three main issues:

  1. Provide participants with a large scale of archives and special documentations, relating to Europa, Africa and Asia, and concerning Religions of Mesopotamia and Roman Antiquity, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Taoism. Participants will discover archives and special collection of EPHE and several close partners academics Institutions : the French School of Asian Studies (EFEO, Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient), the Institut national d’histoire de l’art (Poinssot Funds), the Catholic Institute of Paris (French Institute for Byzantine Studies), the Institut de théologie protestante (Paul Ricoeur Funds).
  2. Provide formation and training on a variety of media, digital included, from manuscripts to cuneiform tablets, woodcut printings, photographies, researchers and scholars archives, marginalia, etc. Part of the training also deals with making history of Religion Sciences with archives of Religion Scientists.
  3. Offer a specific reflexion on the relationships between Researchers and Personnel of Libraries and Archives Services, especially in the view of developing Digital Humanities.

Go here for the online materials.