European Melanchthon Academy Joins ReIReS

The European Melanchthon Academy has become a collaboration partner in the ReIReS project.

The purpose of the European Melanchthon Academy (EMA) Bretten is the investigation and documentation of the influences and significance of the Bretten-born Reformer and polymath Philipp Melanchthon (1497-1560). As one of the most prominent figures of the sixteenth century, he has left traces behind in all of Europe – from Iceland to Transylvania, from the Iberian peninsula to Scandinavia. Melanchthon is valued as a mediating theologian between the Lutheran, Reformed, and Catholic confessions.
With good reasons earlier Melanchthon research has repeatedly affirmed his role as an “Ecumenist of the Reformation Age.”

The Melanchthon Academy therefore pursues a pan-European ecumenical perspective, with the goal of advancing dialog among confessions and religions.

One of the core projects of the EMA is the critical edition of the works of Philipp Melanchthon ( 1597-1560) . The edition which will result in some 40 volumes, published by De Gruyter, has a philosophical and a theological section and is directed by Günter Frank and Herman Selderhuis.