Article on Czech Rorate Chants as a Result of ReIReS Scholarship

Last year, Marie Škarpová (Prague) enjoyed a ReIReS Scholarship at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Her article on Czech Rorate Chants: On the Desiderata and Challenges of Czech Literary Historiograpy, a result of this scholarship, has now been published in open access (Czech language).

This article is the second publication as a result of the ReIReS TNA scholarships. It resumes Marie Škarpová’s research on the so-called Rorate chants, that is to say on the chants connected with morning Votive Mass in honor of the Virgin Mary in Advent, otherwise known as the Rorate Mass after its incipit. The central aim of this article is to present the Rorate chants as an interesting topic for (Czech) literary historiography as well as comparative hymnology.


Go here to read the article.

Images: Marie Škarpová (middle), Christiane Schäfer and Ansgar Franz of the Hymnbook archive in Mainz.

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