ReIReS’ Slogan Focuses on Impact: Knowledge Creates Understanding

Refo500, responsible for Workpackage 8, presented ReIReS’ slogan to the attendees of the workshop in Apeldoorn, May 29/30, 2018: Knowledge Creates Understanding.

During the presentation and the discussions about items related to communication and dissemination, as well as discussions of the core identity and primary values of the consortium, it became clear that the ReIReS project is not only about a wonderful database, tools, and training, but also, if not first and foremost, about the outcome and impact of these means in the European society, as summarized in the slogan. The project does not only want to produce and spread knowledge, but do it in a way that will facilitate comprehension of the complex religious problems in Europe.

Agreement was reached about one of the deliverables of WorkPackage 8, that is, a map of the various target audiences. Furthermore, the topic of publishing academic articles related to the project and presentations by partners during the coming years was discussed as well as the website and corporate identity.

Karla Boersma of Refo500 and Ryszard Bobrowicz developed a communication toolkit for the ReIReS partners containing resources that they can use for announcing and presenting the project, like logos, a flyer and various templates. The feedback of those present will be used for the further development of these means.

All partners were invited to post their news via the website for further dissemination and received a practical reminder – also for their colleagues – in the form of a notebook.

These two days were not only helpful for the further development of WorkPackages 5 and 8 (go here for the post about the workshop related to WorkPackage 5), but also facilitated stronger relationships and collaborations between the project partners as well as better understandings of the project moving ahead.

The video offers you a short impression of the two days in Apeldoorn.






Visual: the participants of the workshop