ReIReS Training: From Boxes to the Web

The second day of the ReIReS training at the KU Leuven was dedicated to the Centre of the Study of the Second Vatican Council and to working with archival collections: from the material in the boxes to the web.

After a general introduction to the Center, the whole process from archiving to making archives available online was addressed.

Dries Bosschaert and Alexander Soetaert of KU Leuven showed the participants how to work in archives: what is in the boxes? How do you make an archival inventory and then: how do you work with it? Various assignments were carried out in groups: an exciting and instructive part, in which it turned out that the trick is to use the good of both physical access and digital access.

On the basis of the work on the digitization of the archive of Cardinal Willebrands, a number of problems and challenges were discussed.