New Collaboration Partner: Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Latvia

ReIReS is proud to announce that  the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology/ Latvia University has become a ReIReS collaboration partner.

The Institute was founded in 1981 as Latvia Academy of Sciences Philosophy and Law Institute. Since 01.01.2016 the name of the institution is Institute of philosophy and sociology, University of Latvia.

LU FSI is the only institute in Latvia that has been engaged within a period of thirty years in an integrated interdisciplinary investigation in the spheres of the humanities and social sciences – philosophy, academic study of religions, oral history, in the solution of ethnic and social integration problems as well as migration issues. Central to the research are history of Latvian ideas and sociology in order to develop the humanities and social sciences as the basis of Latvia intellectual culture, to enlighten society, combine research with the study process, to present internationally acknowledged information on the history of the development of Latvian culture, society, philosophy and ideas, to investigate contemporary social processes and identities in Latvia, to foster scientific terminology development in the Latvian language, to translate the works of foreign philosophers and sociologists into Latvian, to strengthen international cooperation in the humanities and social sciences, solving the essential problems of sustainable and humane development of Latvia, Europe and the world. The specific task of the Institute is substantiation of social values and their subsequent incorporation into society.

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Image: Central Building of the University of Latvia