Monika Maria Brzezińska about her ReIReS Scholarship at the University of Mainz

Recently, the Warsaw scientist Monika Maria Brzezińska enjoyed a ReIReS Scholarship at the University of Mainz. We asked her to tell us about her experiences.

Here is what she said:

New International Perspective

“Because I am a political scientist and my ReIReS scholarships project was multidisciplinary and related to religion researches (The influence of religion on shaping anti-totalitarian attitudes in Germany – an attempt at methodological presentation of the issue), I needed and sought the advice of a trained professional to help me. The ReIReS scholarship, which I was able to take up at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz from August 10 to 23, 2020, was a perfect opportunity to collect scientific materials and perform research. It was also a unique chance to meet the authorities in theology. As a political scientist exploring German issues, while searching for literature in the topics I am interested in, I had a remarkable chance to have conversations, consult, verify and complete my knowledge with a new international perspective.


The resources of the library in Mainz also made a great impression on me. I was astonished to find out how many unexplored or forgotten areas in the Polish-German relationship exist. My visit in the University in Mainz enabled not only the access to exceptional books (unavailable in Poland) but also was an inspiration for many new ideas and research projects, which I hope to accomplish in the following years.

Friendship and Thanks

My visit to Mainz was also the time of friendship. I met incredible people. I hope we stay in touch, as I am now planning joint research together with a part of them. Moreover, the atmosphere of the hospitality of Professor C. Arnold, who personally showed me the library and pointed out very interesting literature, was priceless. The preparation for the scholars’ arrival, taking care of them, patience and willingness to help in any situation, for which Ms Alexandra Nusser was responsible, are beyond measure. Cooperation with the scientists of Uni Mainz was not over after I came back home. Thanks to dr. Urszula Pękala’s kindness I managed to talk to her online and consult the literature.

It was a beautiful time and hope that the results will be multiplying for a long time. Thank you for new opportunities: scientific, intellectual, friendly and cultural, because meeting the Germans, their language and sightseeing the city marvellously enriched me.”

Monika Maria Brzezińska, PhD, Cardinal Wyszynski University in Warsaw, Poland


Thank you, Monika Maria, for this interview!

Visual, left to right: : Monika Maria Brzezińska and Alexandra Nusser (University of Mainz)