Studies in History of Christianity in Honour of Mathijs Lamberigts

Pulchritudo tam antiqua et tam nova is the title of the volume containing studies in History of Christianity in Honour of Mathijs Lamberigts. The volume contains twenty-two articles that colleagues and friends will offer him for his 65th birthday.

The field of expertise of Mathijs Lamberigts not only covers the time and works of St. Augustine, but also 17th-century Jansenism as well as Vaticanum II. In addition he is well-known for presenting and promoting the online “Index Religiosus”.

The articles in the volume cover all periods in the history of Christianity, from the apocrypha on Saint Matthew to contemporary Christianity, and focus on themes dear to the dedicatee (Pelagianism, Julian of Eclan, Christianity in Flanders, the Louvain’ tradition, the Second Vatican Council).

Mathijs Lamberigts was Dean of the Faculty of Theology at KU Leuven and is Director of the Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique – Louvain Journal Church History.

The book will be published by Brepols Publishers.


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