ReIReS Dataset in the Spotlight: Mansi Digitale

The ReIReSearch database, developed by KU Leuven and LIBIS, contains datasets from five ReIReS partners. Today we put the dataset Mansi Digitale in the spotlight.

Mansi Digitale

The Mansi Digitale is a public digital database of Fscire, which takes up the Amplissima collectio promoted by the Luccan Bishop Gian Domenico Mansi (1692-1769), in order to bring it up to date and to create, in dialogue with the specialists already identified for the printed edition COGD, a viable interface of inestimable value to the study of humanities.

Thus Mansi Digitale or Mansi @mplissima aims at rendering available fundamental texts for European and world history, which are at present of difficult access and often limited to narrow specialized interests.


ReIReSearch addresses the growing need of scholars in religious studies to discover more data, regardless of location with a platform where disparate digital resources and databases are searchable in a unified and standardized way.

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