On a Virtual Way from From Leuven to Turnhout

Today, the ReIReS DH course of KU Leuven came to an end and the ReIReS DH Course at Brepols started. The transition went quite smoothly, thanks to the applied technique.

DH Course at KU Leuven

This morning the participants learned many ins and outs when it comes to designing their own website, which is important for academics who want to present themselves in a proper way.

At the end of the KU Leuven Course, the participants showed themselves very satisfied with the offer they were able to enjoy in the past 2.5 days. There were even votes to organize a follow up course, which is a good signal.

DH Course at Brepols

Many of the participants also attended the accompanying ReIReS DH Course, and thanks to the applied technique this transition went quite smoothly. Brepols started its course with a thorough presentation of the famous Index Religiosus and the Dictionnaire d’histoire de géopgraphie ecclésiastiques (DHGE). A quiz was  organized to train the attendants in searching  in both bibliographies. Finally, the attendants were made familiar with the tool Zotero.

The ReIReS DH Course of Brepols will continue until December 11, 2020. In the days to come, more research tools and sources will be presented and practiced.


Image: technical control center at Brepols