Call for Applications: ReIReS School Bologna, 22-26 March 2021

Fscire in Bologna is launching a call for applications for its ReIReS School on the Use and Study of Special Documents, which will be held online from March 22 to March 26, 2021.

The school will make scholars familiar with special, less known and remote collections of the historia conciliorum like Mansi3 @mplissima digital library and the Roncalli papers. The analysis of the texts pertaining to Church history will be compared with similar analysis in the context of the Jewish and Islamic traditions, through the study of two key-studies presented by internationally renowned scholars who work in Bologna. Prof. Mauro Perani will present his discovery of the Sefer Torah scroll – the oldest complete Torah scroll – and Dr. Alba Fedeli will explain how she works on the Qur’anic fragments of the 7th century.

Common Objectives and Standards

The school meets ReIReS Common Objectives and Standards

Specific Learning Goals

The participant:

  • learns how to contextualize, digitize and analyse conciliar texts;
  • understands the connections between the preservation of manuscripts, fragments and other texts and the preservation and construction of memories, histories, canons and theologies of the churches;
  • acquires knowledge about the methodology used to make a critical edition of a conciliar text, including periodization, contextualization and knowledge of different languages, alphabets and religious traditions;
  • learns how to work on the transmission of early-Qur’anic manuscripts through phylogenetic analysis;
  • uses audio-visual sources to study church history.


Here you can download the preliminary program, the updated version of February 18, 2021.


The school is open to scholars and others affiliated with ReIReS-partners, and to max. 5 attendants from outside the consortium. Attendants from outside the consortium will pay a fee of € 150,00.

We welcome your application before March 1, 2021.


Federico Ferretti, Fscire