Call for Applications: ReIReS Digital Humanities Course and Jewish Studies, Hamburg, April 19-21, 2021

With Jewish Studies and its tradition being the epicentre, the Hamburg DH Course will discuss Jewish Studies in a digital research context and turn the spotlight upon digital Jewish philology and research, with a focus on digital tools for text analysis.

From the creation of a multilingual online thesaurus and a digital archive to the understanding and analysing of Jewish texts, the University of Hamburg chooses to address the challenges a researcher faces when dealing with a special, complex, and multifaceted field that is widely rich in content and demanding in methodology.

Unique Contribution to the ReIReS Training Programme

In the framework of this 3 day course our intention is to join the expertise in the field of Digital Humanities with the research on Jewish studies developed by the Institute for Jewish Philosophy and Religion and the Institute for the History of German Jews. This course will have three main topics:

  1. Digital Jewish philology: the linguistic and literary analysis of digital resources, the creation and use of an online multilingual thesaurus (PESHAT) and of an online archive.
  2. Digital Jewish pedagogy and hybrid methods for digital textual analysis (Case Study: The Diaries of Anne Frank. Research – Translations – Critical Edition), and
  3. Ethical implications of digital tools, namely how they can collect information in order to reunite the Jewish heritage scattered all over the word (Key Documents of German-Jewish history at the IGdJ and the Project JEWTACT).

Common Objectives and Standards

The school meets ReIReS Common Objectives and Standards

Specific Learning Goals

The participants will develop their knowledge and skills in the field of digital Jewish Studies, with special attention to:

  • Digital tools and resources in the field of Jewish Studies.
  • Specific features of the digital tools in building an online thesaurus and archive.
  • Tools and methods for digital text analysis.
  • Data management.
  • Digital Jewish pedagogy (The Diaries of Anne Frank).
  • Ethical implications of digital tools and archives.


The Course will be held online.

Here you can download the preliminary program of the Course.


The Course is open to scholars and others affiliated with ReIReS-partners, and to max. 5 attendants from outside the consortium. Attendants from outside the consortium will pay a fee of € 150,00.

We welcome your application before April 1, 2021.


Katharina Hillmann, University of Hamburg


Visual: Codex Levy 17, detail. Image: UHH