ReIReS Workshop on the Culture of Rights and Religious Issues

April 30, 2021, the last internal ReIReS workshop will be held at KU Leuven, aiming at finalizing a position paper on historical religious research.

Religious Issues

The focus will be on the relation/tension between European religious issues and the bumpy course of the human rights within the context of Europe’s history. The position paper will reflect on the way historians describe concrete historical events, thus paying attention to the way how contexts influence historical narratives.

This workshop will make use of the expertise of Fscire, Theological University of Apeldoorn, University of Sofia, KU Leuven, CNR-ISEM, University of Warsaw, EPHE, and the Leibniz-Institut of European History.

All these institutions have built up over the years expertise with regard to religious history and this in different era’s and academic and denominational contexts. Given the unique expertise present in the different institutions, this workshop concentrates on concrete cases of religion and the culture of rights. Every partner focuses on at least one concrete case related to the expertise present in the institution and makes clear how different types of subjects and sources methodologically interact with each other.

Putting Historical Religious Studies a Step Further

The workshop is concluding a process in which interdisciplinary approaches, offered by a multi-faceted group of research institutions, are present and put historical religious studies a step further: from local apologetics to European recognition of the impact of religion on societal life.