Debate: Civic Education and Religious Literacy

Educational Paths and Intersection Proposals. A two-day debate on March 11 and 12, 4-6 h CET.

Civic Education

In Italy, since the current school year, civic education has been made compulsory in all education levels, cross-sectionally to the different subjects and with the following main topics: 1) Italian Constitution; 2) sustainable development; 3) digital citizenship.

Nowadays, knowledge of religion and its historical and cultural roots must be included in the skills needed to act as responsible citizens.


In order to reflect on the links between civic education and religious literacy, in the wider context of Horizon 2020 project-ReIReS (Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies:, CNR ISEM (National Research Council, Mediterranean Europe History Institute, Milan), project partner, organizes a two-day debate.

The debate will take place March 11th-12th, 2021 (4-6 PM) and is open to everyone interested. The debate will be in Italian language, but an English translation will be available. You’ll find the recordings on the ReIReS and CNR ISEM Milano YouTube channels.


Here you can download the program.


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