Update ReIReSearch: DHGE Added, Index Religiosus Extended

We are very proud to announce the addition to ReIReSearch of an important new dataset, viz the Dictionnaire d’Histoire et de Géographie Ecclésiastique (DHGE) provided by our partner Brepols. At the same time, the Index Religiosus has been updated.


With over 70,000 entries, written by specialists, and about 1000 articles updated each year, the DHGE is an unparalleled source of information for anyone interested in the history of the Church, on all continents and from Antiquity to the present day. The entries are divided into three distinct groups: people, places, and institutions. The people included in the DHGE are those who have played a role in the history of the Church either through their work or their writings (officials, saints and martyrs, writers, converts, heretics, …). The entries on the Church’s geographic history detail the history of dioceses, abbeys, priories, and famous religious places. Finally, the ecclesiastical institutions are described from a purely historical perspective.

Access to DHGE via ReIReSearch

From now on this unparalleled database can be accessed via the ReIReSearch environment, together with all the other datasets that are already part of ReIReSearch.


While you will need a subscription to read the full DHGE articles, ReIReSearch will show you the DHGE results and part of the entry.

Index Religiosus

In the meantime, also the Index Religiosus has received its periodical update. 4401 records have been added to ReIReSearch. Bibliometric book series profiles are now also available and faceted search is substantially improved.

These additions and improvements to the Index Religiosus mean that also ReIReSearch is even better equipped to help you with your research.

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