ReIReS School Fscire: an Exciting Tour of Archives, Collections, and Datasets

The ReIReS School on the Use and Study of Documents that is being held this week, takes its attendants from Bologna to Palermo, from Syria to Armenia and back to Bologna. An exciting tour, where one can learn a lot about Jewish, Catholic, Syrian and Islamic manuscripts in various collections.

Guided Tour of Dossetti Library

Corona stopped us from keeping the school physical, but the organizers in Bologna had found a wonderful alternative in the form of a guided tour of its own Dossetti library by the director Davide Dainese:

Roncalli Papers

Prof. Enrico Galavotti, FSCIRE/University of Chieti initiated the attendants into the secrets of the papers on the Second Vatican Council of Roncalli, the pope who gave its name to the Foundation of Religious Science John XXIII (Fscire).

Milani Archives

Federico Ruozzi (Fscire) and Luca Villa gave an insight into the amazingly extensive Mgr. Lorenzo Milani Archives, containing all kind of sources like videos, photos, letters etc. This material contains a wealth of information that sometimes is overlooked by scholars, but nevertheless very important is for the study of the council. The archives are named after the Italian priest Lorenzi Milani, who dedicate all his life to the education of young scholars. They contain all kind of materials, especially letters written by Milani to his mother Alice Weiss, who gave the archives to Fscire. Search tools and a timeline are available for scholars who are studying this archive.

MANSI3 @mplissima and Acta Synodalia Database

The first day of the school ended with a visit to the MANSI3 @mplissima and Acta synodalia database, led by Danielle Pellacani of the University of Bologna. This database is online accessible via 

On the second day of the school, a virtual visit to the La Pira Library in Palermo is on the program.


Visual: Luca Villa presenting the Milani Arhives.