Translating and Connecting Worlds

Missionary Sources, Religious Diversity and Cultural Pluralism. Experiences from the Past. An international online research seminar, 16 April 2021, 03.00 h PM CET.

The online international research seminar “Translating and Connecting Worlds” aims to highlight and analyze the paramount importance of religious archives and sources connected to the activities of religious orders (in particular of the orders engaged in early modern and modern missions), for the study of several branches of modern cultural history.

“Translating and Connecting Worlds” was specifically conceived and designed in accomplishment with the general goals of ReIReS (Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies) to mobilize “the widest range of expertise, sources, resources and facilities of the domain of historical religious studies, by opening up to users a plurality of both documents and sources and research tools and instruments.”

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Visual: A Japanese man holds a conversation with a Jesuit father in a Jesuit residence. Japan, early 17th cent. Lisbon, Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga