Call for Applications ReIReS School on the Use and Study of Special Documents

The last ReIReS School on the Use and Study of Special Documents will be hosted online by the University of Hamburg, June 15-17, 2021. The call for applications is open.

Jewish Manuscripts

The School will pay special attention to Jewish manuscripts. The Institute of Jewish Philosophy and Religion together with the Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies offer to the starting community a well ruled system of hosting scholars and researchers as well as open access to several tools and facilities in the field of Jewish Studies. We will learn about the research infrastructure at Hamburg, gaining insight to the work of different institutions such as the Institute for the History of the German Jews, the Academy of World Religions and the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures (CSMC). At the CSMC we will be given the chance to visit the manuscripts labs and learn about different technologies applied to current case studies.

Virtual Tour of the Library with Precious Hebrew Manuscripts

We will spend a (virtual) day at the Universitäts- und Staatsbibliothek Hamburg, which holds a precious collection of Hebrew manuscripts (Cod. Hebr. and Cod. Levy), as well as the library of the Jewish Community. We will gain insight into the history and management of different collections, as well as the study of Hebraica and Judaica in past and present.

The participants will learn of the story and the preservation of special collections and archives: Both through the recently established Yiddish library Salomo-Birnbaum-Bibliothek at the University of Hamburg, and through an overview to the impressive digitizing projects and the shift in scholarly approach in the last decade at the National Library of Israel.

Unique Contribution to the ReIReS Training Programme

In the framework of this 3-day School our intention is to join the expertise of the use and study of special documents in the field of Jewish and Religious Studies.

  1. The Research Infrastructure on Jewish and Religious Studies in Hamburg
  2. The Study of Hebraica and Judaica in Hamburg’s Past and Present, and
  3. Special Documents: Archives and Accessibility

Common Objectives and Standards

The school meets ReIReS Common Objectives and Standards

Specific Learning Goals

Participants will be able to

  • understand the history, organization and management of archival materials and special collections in the field of Jewish Studies
  • become familiar with the process of restoration and preservation of Jewish manuscripts;
  • discover the uniqueness of some research tools and search opportunities
  • learn about the study of Judaica and Hebraica in past and present

Program and More

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The Course is open to scholars and others affiliated with ReIReS-partners, and to max. 5 attendants from outside the consortium. Attendants from outside the consortium will pay a fee of € 150,00.

We welcome your application before June 1, 2021.

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Katharina Hillmann, University of Hamburg

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