Webinar: Studying Religious History in the Age of Culture of Rights and of Big Data

On Thursday, May 20, 2021, from 4.00 to 6.00 h PM CET, ReIReS will organize a webinar on a position paper, entitled Studying Religious History in the Age of Culture of Rights and of Big Data.

The position paper is a joint effort of scholars from the University of Apeldoorn, FSCIRE (Bologna), University of Florence, KU Leuven, IEG (Mainz), EPHE (Paris), University of Sofia.

The position paper will be discussed by a politician, a professor, an expert in AI and Robotica, and two journalists.


4.00-5.00 h PM: presentations by

  • Prof. Dr. K. Geens (KU Leuven), former Belgian Minister of Justice and of Europe, currently member of the Belgian Parliament;
  • Prof. Vincenzo Pacillo, Full professor of Canon law at the University of Modena and Reggio-Emilia, expert in AI and robotica;
  • Ms. Elisa di Benedetto (co-managing director International Association of Religion Journalists);
  • Mr. Emmanuel Van Lierde (editor-in-chief of the Belgian weekly Tertio).

5.00-6.00h PM: discussion with the drafters of the position paper and the members of the panel.


You are kindly invited to subscribe to the webinar, in which up to 100 people can participate. After your subscription, we will send you the link for the webinar and the position paper in order to give you the opportunity to read the paper and to intervene in the discussion.

You can confirm your presence to:

Mathijs Lamberigts

Lieneke Timpers

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