ReIReS at the EPHE: Resuming the “TransNational Access” Program

Improved sanitary conditions and progress in vaccination have made it possible to resume researcher residencies at the EPHE in the framework of the TNA ReIReS programme. Read more about the progress that could be made here.

Eight Researchers

During the month of July, eight researchers are coming to work in the “Grand établissement documentaire” of the new Campus Condorcet . A doctoral student in sociology, Jiang Yijing, has been recruited to accompany them in their research. They are the first researchers to be received in residence by the GED, whose staff has been particularly active in receiving them.

Archives of Henry Corbin and the Shiite Fund

Three of them are consulting the archives of the Islamologist Henry Corbin and the Shiite Fund of the Library of Religious Studies of the EPHE:

  • Iveta LEITANE (independent researcher Latvia), 29 June-13 July. Research project: “The Reception of Ernst Renan and Henry Corbin in the Baltics”.
  • Minoo MIRSHAHLAVAD (Iranian researcher at the University of Turin), 18-31 July. Research project: “To be Truly Shi’a in the Absence of Mosque: Shi’as in Italy and the Making of the Space”.
  • Irena KATKOVA (Oriental Faculty of Saint Petersburg), 17-31 “History of Sufism and Sufi Litterature”.

Ancient Eastern Christianity

Two of them are historians of ancient Eastern Christianity, who will work in the microfilmed collections of the Institut de Recherche sur l’Histoire des Textes (IRHT), in the collections of the Bibliothèque des Sciences Religieuses of the EPHE, and in the archives of Antoine Guillaumont (1915-2000), former director of research at the EPHE:

  • Dan BATOVICI (KU Leuven), 17-31 July.Research project: “The Canonical Selection of Ignatius of Antioch’s Letters and the Reception of the Apostolic Fathers in Coptic and Syriac
  • Madalina TOCA (KU Leuven), 17-31 July.Research project: “Two Bishops and a Deacon: Serapion, Evoptius and Evagrius Prosopographical Limitations in the Corpus of Isidore of Pelusium

History of Social Sciences in the 19th and 20th Century

Two of them are anthropologists, who wish to have access to the archives of the EPHE concerning the history of social sciences in the 19th and 20th centuries:

  • Enzo ALLIEGRO (Universita Federico II, Napoli), 17-31 July. Research project: “Popular religion and pilgrimages. Theories and methods of religious anthropology”.
  • Marco PAPASIDERO, 9-23 July. Research project: “‘A Laudi Deu’ Luigi Rabatà – Between history, memory and devotional practices”.

Finally, Beatrice ALAI is a young post-doctoral student from the University of Padua, who worked in the collections of the Bibliothèque des sciences religieuses of the EPHE from 29 June to 13 July. Research project: “Opus Manum: the practise of Bibles production at the dawn of the Carthusian Order”.


Iveta LEITAN                                          Iveta LEITAN and Jiang Yijing


Beatrice ALAI