Time to Say Goodbye, But Not to the RI

ReIReS will end July 31, 2021. So it is time to say goodbye. However, the work on the Research Infrastructure will continue, and you might be interested to learn more about what happened and about what will happen.

Our Achievements

During the project period 2018-2021 we acted as a starting community for the historical-religious studies and laid the foundations for a sustainable European Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies.

Our activities aimed at understanding better the community, offering access to training and sources, plan a stable future. We therefore focused on:

  • Joint Research Activities: a set of tools to collaborate through access to partner (re)sources has been developed.
  • Training: we offered 6 Schools on the use and study of special documents and 6 Courses on Digital Humanities and Religious Studies. We counted 231 participants – who in general were quite satisfied with the program – and no less than 111 presentations, handouts etc., which are available at our website.
  • Transnational Access: 88 TNA scholarship holders from 23 countries enjoyed a research stay at one of our libraries or archives.
  • Sustainability: this required us to adapt to changing conditions, both financially, organizationally, user- and research centered.

Sustainable European Research Infrastructure for Religious Studies

Based on the experiences of ReIReS and other previous achievements and shared projects, 12 partners started in 2019 the Horizon 2020 funded project RESILIENCE, aiming at building a sustainable European research infrastructure for all Religious Studies. 6 of these 12 partners were also involved in ReIReS and brought their expertise and experiences into the infrastructure. This means that the work of ReIReS is valuable for the long term, especially given the fact that RESILIENCE recently was included in the ESFRI Roadmap 2021. This guarantees that the Research Infrastructure, as well as the work to improve it, will continue for several decades.


In the past three years we delivered 47 newletters, 235 website newsitems, we uploaded 35 videos on our YouTube channel, and posted more than 1359 items on our social media channels. You got to know us, followed us, let us know your thoughts and needs.

For all of this, we want to thank you, website visitor, newsletter and YouTube subscriber, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook follower. Thanks a lot for your interest, participation, and support in the past years!

Stay With Us

And now that the challenge becomes even bigger, stay with us! Please keep following us via the RESILIENCE newsletter and our social media!