ReIReS Meets European Cultural Agencies

As additional work approved by the ReIReS Editorial Board, the CNR-ISEM group produced a series of video interviews, aiming to investigate and better understand the current cultural policies regarding religious studies as practiced by some of the main European cultural agencies and stakeholders (museums, academies, libraries, publishing houses, etc.).

Great attention was paid to the presence or absence of religious studies in the institutions policies; their way of dealing with religious subjects and issues; activities and research projects foreseen within religious sciences; and their opinion about the relationship among religious studies, European values, citizenship and modernity.

The interviewees were:

  • Giovanni Carletti, senior editor at Laterza
  • Alexandra Curvelo, Professor in History of Art at NOVA University in Lisbon
  • David Forsyth, Interim, Keeper, Art & Design National Museums Scotland
  • Monsignor Federico Gallo, director of Biblioteca and Accademia Ambrosiana
  • Constanze Itzel, director of House European History museum
  • Rvd D. José Antonio Martínez García, director of Diocesan Museum de Arte Sacro, Diócesis de Orihuela-Alicante
  • Gábor Sonkoly, member and head of the European Commission of Cultural Heritage – Elite University, Budapest
  • Srinka Štimac, senior research fellow at the Georg Eckert Institute.


Watch the videos below or via the YouTube playlist.