Decision Makers Meet ReIReS

We interviewed six decision makers from various countries, who shared their experience and expectations regarding the religious issue with us. You will find the video interviews in the documentary series “Decisions makers meet ReIReS”.

Religious Issue

The religious issue is more topical than ever in Europe. Many policy makers are regularly confronted with the issue of religious diversity and religious identities. They acquire practical expertise in relation to the decisions they have to take on the ground and the believers they meet through their engagement. They also want researchers in religious studies to bring them their knowledge of religious traditions, based on research, investigation and interdisciplinarity in the Human Sciences.

Decision Makers

We interviewed: Bianca Debaets, member of the Parliament of Brussels; DrFelix Klein, Federal Government Commissioner for Jewish Life in Germany and the Fight against Anti-Semitism ; Jean-Luc Delpeuch, President of the Community of communes of Cluny (France) ; Karina Angelieva, deputy Minister in charge of the research  policy in the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science; Jos Douma, Special Envoy for Religion and Belief at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands; Lucio DeMichele, Head of the Policy Planning Unit at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


You can read a more thorough analysis of the video interviews here.