The partners of ReIReS are developing a number of deliverables (results of the project). This page will show you the overview.

Deliverable D5.1

Presentation of the training programme. Download here.

Deliverable D5.2

Online materials of the trainings. The deliverable is expected in November 2019, you can download the separate online materials here.

Deliverable D6.1

Requirements overview and use case models for the unified data repository and discovery system. Download here.

Deliverable D6.2

Integrated metadata model. Download here.

Deliverable D6.3

Data architecture. Download here.

Deliverable D6.4

User interface evaluation report. Expected January 2021.

Deliverable D7.1

Proceedings of the workshop on Education in Europe. Download here.

Deliverable D7.2

Proceedings of the workshop of religious conlicts. Expected November 2020.

Deliverable D7.3

Proceedings of the workshop on the culture of rights. Expected January 2021.

Deliverable D8.1

Website of ReIReS. Online since April 2018.