ReIReS Evaluation Form DH Course Mainz, January 2019

Dear Participant,

Thank you for attending the ReIRES DH Course in Mainz, 21-23 January 2019. We hope that you enjoyed this experience.

Since we constantly want to improve and professionalize the training, we kindly ask you to let us know your feedback via this form. Your information will be collected anonymously and will be added to the WP six month’s report, in accordance with the stipulations in the Grant Agreement No. 730895 of the European Union’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020.

The evaluation consists of six parts: (1) personal information, (2) process evaluation, (3) product evaluation, (4) evaluation of organisational aspects, (5) your future training and (6) other comments.

Filling out the evaluation form will take you about 20 minutes.

Thank you for your feedback.
Work Package 5 Team/Mainz

1. Personal Data


2. Process Evaluation

  • In this section we would like to ask few questions on the way the course/school was prepared and conducted.

3. Product evaluation

  • In this section we are interested in your opinion on the outcomes of the course/school.
  • How well did you achieve the following common learning goals?

  • How well did you achieve the following specific learning goals?


4. Organisation

  • In this section we would like to ask for your impressions with regard to the organisational aspects of the course/school.
  • How do you rate:


5. Your future training


6. Other comments