Transnational Access to Archival Documents (TAAD)

WP4.TNA2-TAAD (Transnational Access to Archival Documents)

Location of the Infrastructure

The following institutions are involved in TAAD:

TAAD_1: FSCIRE; see webpage.

TAAD_2: KU Leuven University Archive; see webpage.

TAAD_3: Center for the Study of Vatican II (KU Leuven, Maurits Sabbe Library); see webpage.

TAAD_4: Martinusbibliothek Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz; see webpage.

They offer detailed surveys about their belongings.

As indicated on the websites, these institutions grant access to archival material: documents, papers, epistolary, images, audio and video documents and the like. Given the different legislation with regard to privacy, users should contact institutions with regard to the availability of specific private documents.

Research Opportunities

The archives preserved in KU Leuven University Archive and Martinusbibliothek Mainz are holding rich documentation about the institutions’ history (documents, letters, course notes, biographical notes …).

The archives preserved in FSCIRE and Center for the Study of Vatican II consist of many documents relevant for the history of the Churches in the 20th century. Most of the collections are inventoried. Although some of them are available through the new media, in many cases, in situ-visits are needed.

All institutions have an up to date library at their disposal or are integrated in such a library. This facilitates research on specific issues.

Furthermore, all institutions are either integrated parts of or affiliated to comprehensive universities. In many cases, related archival material can be consulted in other institutions in the same universities.

Potential users of TAAD from EU members states and from countries associated to Horizon 2020 can apply for Transnational Access to consult these archives (except those belonging to the user country).

Calls for Applications

Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers are invited to apply for TNA2-TAAD (cf. also TNA1-TASC).

Given the diversity of the collections and the expectations of the users, users are invited to describe their specific needs and requirements. Clear proposals, including the desiderata of the users, will be of help in order to optimize the research stay.

At all institutions, experts are available to assist potential users. Most of the experts work already together in multidisciplinary projects, which will support the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary complementarity.

During the ReIReS-project, there will be five calls for applications (either within the context of TASC or TAAD).

  • July 2018.
  • January 2019
  • July 2019.
  • January 2020.
  • July 2020.

Contact for General Information on TAAD

The work package leader for TASC is KU Leuven.

Contact person: Mathijs Lamberigts



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