Support Page: Understanding

One of the most important objectives of ReIReS is to create an impact in European society, by offering solutions to its major problems in the sphere of religion. By fostering knowledge, ReIReS supports understanding among people of different beliefs and worldviews, offering new ways of living together.

WP7 provides an appropriate joint research activity (JRA2), which aim is to consider the impact of the integrated system of services that ReIReS offers to scholars and of their use on the domain of historical religious studies. JRA2 ‘History of Religious Studies in the Age of Big-Data: Developing New Methodologies’ is a pilot project.

The focus of the WP 7 is aimed at defining the role of historical religious studies in multicultural and reflexive society, based on a interdisciplinary approach.

The aim of WP 7 is to make available to the scientific community a plurality of methodological sources and reflections that allow a consciously critical approach to the history of religions and that rest historical religious studies in the context of emergencies of our societies.

At the heart of WP’s work are

  • the preservation and enhancement of historical sources and the critical reconsideration of historiographical traditions;
  • the theme of religious conflicts and religious paci in historical religious studies;
  • the culture of Rights and religions.