Third Parties

Following institutions are involved in ReIReS as third parties:

Via JGU Mainz

Bereichsbibliothek Theologie (Theological Library) at the JGU Mainz with the included Jewish Library and the Gesangbucharchiv (Hymnbook Archive)

The Bereichsbibliothek Theologie/Theological Library is part of the University Library which provides information and literature for students, teachers and researchers at JGU. It is the largest academic library in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Jüdische Bibliothek (Jewish Library) at the JGU Mainz

The collection of the Jewish Library at JGU of almost 5500 volumes, among them rare Hebraica and manuscripts, is one of the very few libraries saved from the persecutions in Germany. In 1946, the books were brought to the newly founded university of Mainz as a loan of the Jewish Community of Mainz. Most interesting is the reconstruction of the ownership of some of the books.

Gesangbucharchiv (Hymnbook Archive) at the JGU Mainz. 

The Hymnbook Archive is perhaps the world’s most important collection of utilitarian Christian literature with more than 6000 German hymnbooks and nearly 1000 breviaries, making it an essential resource for scholars. Hymnbooks reflect history in a unique way. They reach all social classes and they are subject to constant revisions. Over the centuries, the songs contained therein have always been reworked, shortened, lengthened and adjusted to conform to the zeitgeist of the time.


Wissenschaftliche Stadtbibliothek Mainz

The Wissenschaftliche Stadtbibliothek owns 670,000 media units with the holdings of the secularized convents of Mainz and of the old University library (founded 1477, dissolved in 1793). Especially the manuscripts (1300 units) and the printed holdings from the former Carthusian and Carmelite libraries in the Stadtbibliothek are unique. They are chiefly of a theological nature and mirror the active religious reflection in the convents between the late middle ages and the Enlightenment.

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Martinus-Bibliothek Mainz

The Martinus-Bibliothek holds 300,000 volumes, 200 journals, about 1000 Incunabula, 270 manuscripts and 300 fragments of manuscripts, many of which have been only recently recovered from ancient book bindings, as the sensational fragments from the Nibelungen saga. The library has grown organically and without losses since its foundation in 1662 by ElectorArchbishop Johann Philipp von Schönborn, and contains also some remains of the old Mainz Cathedral library which was burnt in 1793. It is especially strong in theology and philosophy: it mirrors both the scholasticism of Counterreformation Catholicism as the neo-scholasticism which was especially influential in Mainz in the 19th century.

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Via Fscire

The department of educazione e scienze umane of Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE)

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